Nursing Notes
By Nufactor

Infusion Nursing Notes by Nufactor provides education, resources and support to promote successful patient therapy within the infusion nursing community.

Troubleshooting Implanted Ports

As a health care provider in the home setting, coming across various types of venous access devices is expected. Access devices can vary from peripherally inserted catheters for short-term or intermittently administered therapies, such as IVIG or infliximab, to centrally placed devices for long-term use, especially if there are venous access problems. A physician and patient should discuss and decide on the most appropriate venous access device while considering the duration of therapy, lifestyle, and history of venous access issues. Nurses are expected to maintain various types of central venous access devices (CVADs), such as peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs), central venous catheters (CVCs) such as Hickman™ and Broviac™ catheters, and implanted ports. Patients may already have a CVAD when admitted for home infusion therapy services or require placement after admission if they have poor or inaccessible venous access and the need for long-term therapy. This blog will focus on handling and troubleshooting ports. [More]