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Infusion Nursing Notes by Nufactor provides education, resources and support to promote successful patient therapy within the infusion nursing community.

Available Resources for Patients Receiving Immune Globulin

By Jean McCaslin, RN, IgCN

As nurses, we are by nature Patient Advocates. Oftentimes patients seek our guidance to locate resources to better understand the intricacies of an individual disease process. Nurses benefit significantly from educational opportunities which improve patient care as well as assist in advocacy efforts. While ultimately, their physician delivers a diagnosis and develops a Plan-of-Care, nurses are involved in intimate details of their sequelae; spending a greater number of hours with patients in the home site-of-care.

Once a treatment plan is created, it is helpful for a patient (or caregiver) to participate in all aspects of their own individual care. This may be helpful in the restoration of confidence, control, and general emotional well-being.

Our hope as caregivers, is that this blog will provide useful tools and links to assist nurses to locate nurse-centric and patient-centric resources; specific to multiple disease states and to the administration of IgG therapy.

In addition to educational blogs, Nufactor also provides Nursing Education opportunities in the form of CEU programs (individual or group/agency) in-person, via telephone, or via Webinars.

Nufactor Specific Nursing Support:

  • Nufactor Website:
    Nufactor is a Specialty Infusion Company dedicated to the chronic illness community; we provide specialty products and create individualized patient care to achieve safer, healthier and higher quality lives.
    (800) 323-6832.
  • IG Living Magazine with IG Featured Articles:
    Brings together patients, advocates and caregivers in the immune globulin (IG) community
  • IG News:
    Keeping you abreast of the latest developments in the IG industry and community.
  • Product References:
    Reference charts and links to manufacturers of IG brands.
  • Client Service Specialists (CSS):
    Each patient is assigned an individual CSS to coordinate care, conduct follow-up calls, and to interact with home-infusion RNs for supply coordination as well as schedule follow-up nurse infusion visits; these services are available 24/7 nationally.
  • Clinical Nurse Coordinators (CNC):
    Nurses who initiate home-infusion start-of-care scheduling as well as troubleshoot nursing care needs on an ongoing basis. Each CNC is a certified Immune Globulin Certified Nurse (IgCN); these services are available 24/7 nationally.
  • Clinical Nurse Educators (CNE):
    CNEs provide education for every nurse providing care to Nufactor patients. Individual and group educational opportunities are available in the form of Webinars and in-person programs. They also conduct patient education calls and therapy-specific Webinars. CNE services are available 24/7 nationally.

Diagnosis Specific Support:

IG Manufacturer Support:

Please ask a Nufactor pharmacist which IG product has been prescribed for you. Each manufacturer website has tools available for education as well as financial support specific to their individual product and diagnosis.

Infusion Pump Support:

Financial Support:


Disability Support:

We welcome you to peruse our Nufactor website for Nursing Education and Nursing Support.

We encourage you to register for our Educational CE Webinars, Infusion Nursing Notes Blog ( as well as subscribe to the IG Living Magazine (

Thank you for caring for our patients, and for your contribution to Patient Advocacy.

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